sobre ódio.

RS: What do you think about hate? Do you think it's possible to hate a human being?

GEOLOGIST: Sure, I guess it's possible to hate a person. I'm not sure I've ever experienced true hate. Every time I have felt hate it has been the result of my own feelings of jealousy or insecurity. I may not have been aware of that at the time, but looking back I think that was the case. Maybe if I knew someone like Hitler, I could experience it. But in general, I think hating is a waste of time. Especially when it comes to art. I obviously have lots of opinions about art and tend to rant sometimes. My girlfriend can tell you how often it happens and how annoying it can be. But I'm aware of it, and usually keep it to myself or to people like her, who know me best. I never criticize anyone's taste, even if I disagree with it or think it's worthless. I try and use the phrase: "It's just not my thing" as often as possible. I hate things more than people or art. Like I hate moving and I hate break-up, and I really hate words that have the letters L and M next to each other - almond, palm, calm, psalm.